Top-shelf taste on your kitchen counter!

Barmuze is a tabletop device that allows alcohol lovers to enjoy the full flavors and notes of their drink, while reducing harshness and impurities of alcohol right on their kitchen counter.

Life can be harsh, your drink shouldn’t be.

Our patented and patent-pending Clarification Technology is set to disrupt the $1.3 trillion alcoholic beverage industry. Be the first to experience a smoother sip, a well-rounded taste, and (because a substantial amount of the harmful impurities being removed) just maybe, a more pleasant morning after.

The Proof is in the Taste.

Scientifically backed Clarification Technology transforms impurities & harshness in your alcohol, enhancing the flavor & experience.

The science is elaborate. The process is simple.

Like you, we love a good drink, but we know it can come with some harsh notes. We don’t love dropping Benjamins on a premium bottle of bourbon to get rid of those impurities that bite. So, we developed a patented system to upgrade your drink, for a cleaner, smoother taste.

Step 1

Pour in your spirit of choice into the chamber.

Step 2

Press a button to clarify your alcohol at the molecular level.

Step 3

In 3-4 minutes, enjoy a cleaner, smoother drink. You’ll love the difference.

Straight Talk

After Clarification, there’s up to 50% less of the yucky stuff (impurities) in your alcohol. Fewer impurities means it tastes better and we all know how the stuff we don’t want makes us feel the next day.

But how does it work?

The core principle behind Clarification Technology is hydrodynamic flow-through process where molecules are collapsing into micro-vapor bubbles, producing physical and chemical restructuring of alcohol at the molecular level, while vaporizing harmful impurities. It’s not a filter. The proof and volume of alcohol don’t change. Only the quality of it does.
You’ll love the difference.


Barmuze is a visionary product and first-to-market where we have the ability to position ourselves as a new category that addresses an unmet (but compelling) need of social, discerning, smarter spirits and wines consumer, while creating a whole new experience and frame of reference-we upend the entire category.


“I see lots of ‘technology’ that really adds nothing to improve wine or spirits. However, after doing a series of taste testings I became a believer, as a profound qualitative improvement was obvious and have now joined ABI’s Board of Advisors to help them bring this product to the everyday consumer.”

Rob Mondavi Jr.

President and Founder, Folio Fine Wine Partners

“Elimination of congeners from vodka during hydrodynamic cavitation treatment causes remarkable improvement in its quality with a positive impact on hangovers.”

V. S. Moholkar CEng, MIChemE, FRSC, MAIChe (Sr)

Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Head, , Center for Energy Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

“I was blown away that we could process our well spirits and end up with a premium product. As soon as this product is available for restaurants, we will be processing our spirits with it and giving our customers a seriously upgraded experience.”

Jeff Fisher

Owner, Island Lava Java Hawaii Island, HI, (featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives)

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