October 28, 2019


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Barmuze makes your alcohol less toxic.

Barmuze’s Patented Clarification Technology Removes the Impurities from Your Favorite Alcohol.

  • Barmuze is a home consumer device that, for the first time, applies patented Clarification Technology to alcohol.
  • Clarification Technology reduces the impurities and harshness of spirits and wines while also enhances the flavor profile.
  • Barmuze, by creating a cleaner drink, promotes a healthier lifestyle.
  • Barmuze is now available for pre-purchase through Kickstarter.


Alamo, California

What if the alcohol you drink could be made cleaner and healthier? The impurities in alcohol have long been recognized as contributors to hangover, and it’s the harshness that leads consumers to add sugar and mixers to their drinks. With Barmuze, your drink just got cleaner, and no need to add the calories to mask the harshness and impurities.

Leann Frahm, co-owner of the iconic Dobb’s Ferry restaurant in San Francisco, had this to say: ”We’ve seen a lot of alcohol cross our bar over the years, the difference Barmuze makes, no matter the brand, is game changing.”

How does it work? Clarification Technology changes the structure of the alcohol at the molecular level, slightly altering the hydrogen bonds to take away the harshness, with a reduction in harmful impurities. In short, your drink tastes better and a lot of the toxins associated with an unpleasant morning, are gone. 

The process is simple, you place your selection of alcohol in the Barmuze unit and run it for approximately three to five minutes. That’s it. The alcohol is dramatically improved without altering the proof or volume of the liquid. There are no filters to change, cleaning is simply a matter of running a cycle of water.

Because consumers are increasingly focused on living healthier lifestyles, the ability to remove toxins from the alcohol they already enjoy drinking is a significant benefit. Since there’s no need to mask the harshness, social drinkers can opt out of the unhealthy sugar and high calorie mixers. Barmuze is a lifestyle boost for responsible, health conscious drinkers.

About halfway through their Kickstarter campaign, Barmuze has exceeded an initial funding goal by almost 245% and is poised to revolutionize the home alcohol consumption market, demonstrating that consumers are ready to have healthier versions of the brands they already enjoy drinking.

Alchemy Beverages Inc. (ABI) was established in 2018 to introduce the proprietary and patented Clarification Technology to the market. ABI is changing the way alcohol is produced and consumed. Dedicated to democratizing the experience of responsible drinking, with their first to market product, Barmuze, they are empowering consumers to drink the best possible version of their favorite spirit, at home.