Barmuze Press Release: Kickstarter 200% Funded!

October 16, 2019


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Barmuze finds success on Kickstarter, surpassing their goal by over 200%

Barmuze’s Patented Clarification Technology is Changing Consumers Loyalty to Alcohol Brands

  • Barmuze is a home consumer device that, for the first time, applies patented Clarification Technology to alcohol.
  • Clarification Technology reduces the harshness of spirits and wines while also significantly reducing the level of harmful impurities.
  • Barmuze is now available for pre-purchase through Kickstarter.

Alamo, California

Last week, Alchemy Beverages Inc. announced the release of an innovative new product, Barmuze, which is taking Kickstarter by storm. For the first time, consumers have the opportunity to substantially improve the taste profile of the alcohol they drink, while significantly reducing the amount of harmful impurities. Barmuze, and it’s patented Clarification Technology are poised to change the way we drink spirits and wines at home.

Robert Mondavi Jr., President and Founder of Folio Fine Wine Partners, had this to say about Barmuze and Clarification Technology: “I was extremely skeptical when introduced to Clarification Technology. I see lots of ‘technology’ that really adds nothing to improve wine or spirits. However, after doing a series of tastings, qualitative improvement was obvious, and I have now joined ABI’s Board of Advisors to help them bring this product to the everyday consumer.”

Clarification Technology changes the structure of the alcohol at the molecular level, slightly altering the hydrogen bonds to reduce the harshness, and vaporizes harmful impurities. In short, your drink tastes better and a lot of the toxins associated with an unpleasant morning after, are gone. 

The process is simple, you place your selection of alcohol in the Barmuze unit and run it for approximately three to five minutes. That’s it. The alcohol is dramatically improved without altering the proof or volume of the liquid. There are no filters to change, cleaning is simply a matter of running a cycle of water.

In a sneak peek tasting, Lee Ann Frahm, co-owner of the iconic Dobbs Ferry restaurant, in San Francisco, had this to say: ”We’ve seen a lot of alcohol cross our bar over the years, the difference Barmuze makes, no matter the brand, is game changing.”

If it’s initial Kickstarter success is any indication, with an initial opening week of surpassing their funding goal by 200%, Barmuze is going to revolutionize the home alcohol consumption market, demonstrating that consumers are ready to have top-shelf taste available on their kitchen counters.

Alchemy Beverages Inc. (ABI) was established in 2018 to introduce the proprietary and patented Clarification Technology to the market. ABI is changing the way alcohol is produced and consumed. Dedicated to democratizing the experience of responsible drinking, with their first to market product, Barmuze, they are empowering consumers to drink the best possible version of their favorite spirit, at home.