Sometimes, technology feels like magic. This is one of those times. It seems impossible to think that 3-5 minutes of Clarification Technology applied to your favourite alcohol could take it from good to, “WOW!” but that’s exactly what Barmuze does.

While the spirits industry has gone through changes and improvements in the fermentation, distillation, and filtration process, in the last 400 years there have been no major technological developments –until today. With the addition of Clarification Technology, Barmuze has fundamentally changed the consumer experience in enjoying alcoholic beverages.


What is Clarification Technology?


The short version:

Clarification Technology rearranges the physical structure of the molecules, reducing the harshness of the spirits you like to drink. In addition, the process vaporizes a substantial amount of the harmful impurities in the alcohol. You know, the things sometimes responsible for an unpleasant morning after.


The more technical version:

The core principle behind the technology is a dynamic flow-through of fluids where molecules are collapsing into micro-vapor bubbles, producing physical and chemical restructuring at the molecular level.  The process does not alter the proof or filter, and does not reduce the volume of the spirits, it simply reduces the harshness and substantially reduces the harmful impurities in the alcohol. The result is a dramatic reduction in the ‘alcohol burn’, a significant enhancement in the taste profile, and less of the bad stuff.


 How Does Barmuze Work?

  • Pump and motor system generates a variable pressure environment.
  • The intake valve sucks liquid up to be recirculated through the patented Clarification tube.
  • The liquid is turned into nano-bubbles for a fraction of a second, creating pleasant-tasting esters from the alcohol’s original harsh tasting acids. 

That’s it! 

While the technology is groundbreaking and a little complicated, using it is as simple as pouring in your favorite drink, pushing a couple of buttons, and in about five minutes, you’re drinking the very best version of your brand. Feels like magic, but this time, it’s science.