Often, it feels like there’s a new gadget every day and so many of them promise results that they just don’t deliver. Naturally, people are skeptical when they hear about Barmuze, the new kitchen countertop device that claims to remove the harshness and a substantial amount of harmful impurities in the spirits or wines that you drink. Is it just another wine wand, aerator, or fancy version of the old school college trick of pouring vodka through a Brita filter? 

As with most things beverage related, tasting is believing. Here’s what people who know their drinks have to say after trying Barmuze.

“I was blown away that we could process our well spirits and end up with a premium product. As soon as this product is available for restaurants, we will be processing our spirits with it and giving our customers a seriously upgraded experience.”

Jeff Fisher

Owner, Island Lava Java Hawaii Island, HI (featured on Diners Drive-ins and Dives)

“All spirits and most wines that were restructured showed improvement. Spirits gained desired complexity and benefited from a reduction of aggressive alcohol character. The process improved the length and complexity of most of the wines.”

William Stewart Mountford IV.

CMS Certified, WSET Level 4 Diploma

“I was extremely skeptical when introduced to Clarification Technology. I see lots of ‘technology’ that really adds nothing to improve wine or spirits. However, after doing a series of tastings, qualitative improvement was obvious, and I have now joined ABI’s Board of Advisors to help them bring this product to the everyday consumer.”

Rob Mondavi Jr.

President and Founder, Folio Fine Wine Partners

”We’ve seen a lot of alcohol cross our bar over the years, the difference Barmuze makes, no matter the brand, is game changing.”  

Leann Frahm

Co-owner, Dobbs Ferry Restaurant

 “(the Clarified Spirit)… doesn’t seem to have the same heat impact. It kind of rounds it out and softens it, which is interesting… and aromatically, there is a shift.”

Steve Izzo

Co-Owner of Dobbs Ferry and judge for the World Spirits Competition