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How does Barmuze actually work?
When you push the button on your Barmuze you activate the process scientists call hydrodynamic cavitation, but we call it Clarification Technology. It’s a mouthful, but it’s easy enough to understand. A miniaturized pump and motor pushes the liquid, under pressure, through a tube with lots of tiny holes, twists, and turns in it. The pressure and intense mixing make changes at the molecular level, converting harsh tasting acids into pleasant tasting esters. The result is that the alcohol is smoothed out and feels velvety on your tongue instead of like fire in your throat.
Does it work as well on wine as it does on spirits? How about beer?
Barmuze improves any and every spirit you pour into it. And while an inexpensive vodka (or any spirit) run through Barmuze will be more enjoyable than the more expensive alternatives, you will get even more dramatic results when processing higher end choices. Try it on Casamigos Anejo and you will be blown away by the results.

It changes any wine you pour into it, but the results are a little more complex. (Read that as sometimes it works great, other times it seems to reduce some of the complexity that many wine connoisseurs enjoy.) We would not recommend you try it on expensive high-end wines but on inexpensive wines, absolutely. Have some fun and give us some feedback. We will be preparing a list of your results, as well as our own sommelier studies, so keep checking back on our website for updates.

As for beer… we don’t recommend pouring anything carbonated into the machine.

How do you clean Barmuze?
Cleaning your Barmuze couldn’t be any easier. Fill the chamber with water. Run the machine on the ‘clean’ setting. Dump the water out. That’s it!
Why does it make my alcohol taste so much better?
Barmuze takes the harsh tasting acids and converts them to esters. The individual characteristics of the spirits and wines are not changed, but by substantially eliminating the burn and reducing the impurities, you get to enjoy the actual flavors and notes that you meant to appreciate.
Does it work better on some brands?
Barmuze improves every spirit you clarify. The changes will be more noticeable in some spirits over others. We’ve noticed that inexpensive brands tend to experience the biggest transformation. This could be due to higher levels of impurities and a greater harshness in less expensive alcohol, leaving more room for improvement. But try it with a Tito’s or Grey Goose and be amazed. Taste, Believe, Enjoy!
Why can't I taste a difference?
One of the most fascinating things we noticed when we started taste testing with Barmuze is that about 15% of people can’t taste any difference at all. The short answer is, we don’t know why! But these folks are lots of fun at a tasting! They’re the only ones that don’t make “that face” when they taste the original! Try it out yourself and see which of your friends can’t tell!
Since it is so smooth, are you changing the alcohol content?
Nope. We’re just converting acids to more pleasant tasting esters and smoothing the fire out of the edges.
Are there other things besides alcohol that this works on?
Yes! We know it works on wines. Younger wines seem to have a greater transformation. We’d love to hear about your experiments with other drinks!
Have you changed the shelf life of the alcohol?
No, we haven’t changed the shelf life of the alcohol, just the experience of drinking it.
Can I drink more now without getting drunk?
The alcohol content of the spirits does not change with Clarification. The impurities are reduced, and impurities have been linked to the unpleasant effects of a hangover, but not to the experience of becoming intoxicated. We encourage you to drink responsibly.
What if I can’t get my Barmuze app to work?
Not a problem. The Barmuze unit was designed to work the exact same way whether you are using your app or programming it right on the unit.
If I get totally stuck and the unit won’t work right, do you have a customer service department?
As of July 1, with the launch of the product, a 24-hour customer service line will be available. In many cases, we will ask you to leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.(Okay, maybe not Sunday). If not, write the CEO, and you will hear from us shortly after that :).

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