Are you tired of the “egh!’ moment that comes with every sip of liquor? You know that moment: Your eyes squeeze shut, your nose scrunches up, you think your throat may possibly be on fire.

Sure, we all love a good spirit, but we also know that it can come with a few harsh notes, even Jameson. Barmuze was created to turn your “egh” moment into an “aaah” moment. We discovered a way to remove the impurities and harshness from your alcohol, right on your kitchen countertop. The results are a smoother sip, a well-rounded taste, and, because it removes a substantial amount of the harmful impurities, just maybe, a more pleasant morning after.

Barmuze is a tabletop tool that helps alcohol lovers clarify and upgrade their spirits and wines, for a cleaner, smoother taste with fewer impurities. Using our proprietary and patented Clarification Technology, Barmuze vaporizes harmful impurities and clarifies alcohol on a molecular level. It’s not a filter. The proof and volume of your alcohol don’t change. Only the quality of it does. For the better.

For people who want to outsmart the limits of a brand, impress their friends, and enjoy the healthiest version of any spirit they love, we’ve taken a patented molecular process and put it on the kitchen counters of spirits aficionados everywhere.

We call it Barmuze — the new and next way to enhance, enjoy and evolve what you drink.

We built a machine that brings thousands of years of practice to perfection and transforms any drink into the best tasting version of itself.