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Company Overview

 Blending old-world tradition with modern technology, we are uncompromising in our pursuit to deliver the best tasting drinks—right in your own home.

Our patented (and patent pending) technology is a unique process that removes the harshness, improves the flavor profile and substantially reduces the impurities in alcohol.

This technology offers the consumer the opportunity to enhance their current brand choices. Or take a less expensive brand and transform it into top-shelf taste.

Barmuze dramatically improves any spirit that is run through the machine and has also had significant success in adding complexity to young wines (think of it as instant aging).

Life can be harsh… your drink shouldn’t be.

The Team



Mark Geist – Founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board

Mark Geist co-founded Montgomery Asset Management and served as its Chief Executive Officer. Under Mark’s leadership, Montgomery Asset Management grew to over $11 billion in assets. He led the company through the sale to Commerzbank in 1997 and stayed on as CEO through December 2000. Since then, Mark has been an investor, board member and advisor to a number of micro-cap companies, including executive positions at Good Life Networks, Inc (a Canadian internet marketing company) and VAMA, Inc. (a U.S company focusing on all-natural solutions to replace chemical products). He also served as a pension fund consultant with Rogers, Casey & Barksdale, Inc. and an executive with the St. Regis Paper Company.

In the not-for-profit arena, Mark has served as President of U.S. Oil Independence, Inc., whose mission was to develop the financial support for clean affordable energy solutions; Vice-Chairman of Operation Respect, focusing on addressing ‘bullying’ in our schools; and a board member of Life Plan Hawaii, an organization that works in the school systems to help young adults develop life goals and the tools to achieve those goals.

He has an MBA in Finance from Iona College and an undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Connecticut.


Neil Voloshin

Technology Manager

Roman Gordon

Technology Supervisor

Igor Gordonitsky

President, CTI

Jessica Steidinger

Administrative Support

Jenn Sutherland-Miller

Project Manager


The Board & Advisors



Joe Abrams

Rob Mondavi Jr.

Kent Buckles

Pete Christos

Meet Barmuze


Barmuze is a tabletop device that helps you clarify and upgrade your drinks, for a cleaner, smoother taste. Experience the full flavors and notes of your drink by removing impurities and harshness with Barmuze.

Barmuze significantly reduces impurities in your alcohol. 


The science is elaborate.
The process is simple.

  1. Pour in your alcohol of choice.
  2. Press the button to clarify your alcohol at the molecular level.
  3. Enjoy a cleaner, smoother drink. You’ll love the difference.

How it works:

a. Clarification Technology generates a variable pressure environment.

b. The intake valve sucks liquid up to be recirculated through the patented Clarification tube.

c. The liquid is turned into nano-bubbles for a fraction of a second, creating pleasant-tasting esters from the alcohol’s original harsh tasting acids. 

Retail Price: $399


Kickstarter Price: Starting at $299

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Feel free to excerpt from these samples  

Mohlokar White Paper

Supporting the impact of cavitation on alcohol.

Moscow University Lab Analysis

Breaks down exactly what is happening at the molecular level with the alcohol undergoing change through hydronamic cavitation and the specific rates of reduction of particular impurities.

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